Business Correction

Everything seems complicated when you don’t have the plans, systems, or knowledge to solve the problem.

In 1974, when the Rubik’s Cube puzzle/game was invented it took its creator, a Physicist, an entire month to solve.  

When it was released to the market in 1980, people thought it was impossible to solve.  With 43 quintillion (43,000,000,000,000,000,000 or 43 x 1 billion, billions = 43 quintillion) possible starting positions, the idea that it could be solved with simple algorithms in as few as 20 moves and in as little as 9 seconds, was ridiculous. 

Thirty years later there are competitions to see who can beat the cube the fastest. Everyone entering the competition can beat the cube easily; the challenge is how fast.

That is one of the most amazing analogies I can use to describe business owners.

Here’s why…

Really successful business owners don’t wonder IF they can make a business successful; but rather, HOW FAST can I make the business successful. Or, can this business be successful.

Unsuccessful business owners look at their business like a Rubik’s Cube. “This is way to complicated…I give up!” The truth is, there are numerous ways to correct your business. Once you learn the system, like a cube, your business’ future will be “In the palm of your hand.”

TQM Business Correction Services are available to companies of any size, and are intended to get your company back on track to achieve higher profits.

TQM Business Correction Specialists will work with you to evaluate your current team for strengths and weaknesses. In addition to training your team, TQM Business Correction Specialists will also evaluate your current systems for:

Systems and Processes

Sales Strengths and Weaknesses

Marketing Program Strengths and Weaknesses

Business Development Program Strengths and Weaknesses

Social Media Presence and Efficacy

The TQM Business Correction Specialists will also evaluate your:

Current Operational Structure

Human Resource Processes

Hiring Strengths and Weaknesses

Current Business Plan

Growth Strategy

We have learned, that after our Business Correction Specialists help you find the right track for your company’s future, it is human nature to slowly fall back into old familiar habits. To help prevent this, we work with our clients to create their   1 year, 5 year and 10 year goals.

And, we now offer the Client Maintenance Program as a follow up support system to ensure your continued success.

Using TQM patented training methodologies derived from Psychology and Human Communications, our Business Correction Specialists will work with you to develop your business in ways you never thought possible.