The TQM Business Process

The TQM Business Process is a three-phase program designed to help you develop both yourself and your business for long-term success. The three phases of the process are:

The TQM Business Mentoring Program (Phase 1)

The TQM Business Development Program (Phase 2)

The TQM Business Advisory Program (Phase 3)

The TQM Mentoring Program

Our Mentoring program was purpose built to satisfy two distinctly different types of client.

The first type being the person who likes everything they have heard about TQM and the TQM Business Process, but are still skeptical.

Here at TQM we are completely aware of the existence of people who claim to be consultants, but in fact they are not even close to the requisite skills required to help you identify and correct the areas of your business that need attention. We have heard all the nightmares about the “last consultant the company hired.” Our favorite is the charlatan that recommends putting plants around the office to improve morale. The Truth is, there could be any number of things in your business that were not prepared properly; up to and including the people in charge.

The second type of client is the one who is struggling to keep the doors open.

The TQM Mentoring Program can be extremely affordable. Clients with financial considerations can usually afford to invest the minimum time commitment to begin the TQM Business Process, and since the mentoring program is billed based on hours, the client has full control of their cost commitment.

Our mentoring program is designed to guide business owners along the path from technical expert or enthusiast, all the way to calculating business person. This is when we will start to define the what of your business. That is to say:

What do you offer?

What is your brand?

What is your brand image?

What is your niche?

What makes you special in a market full of your competitors?

You will need to answer all the above and a plethora of other questions to move forward.

The concept is simple. You meet with your TQM Specialist anywhere from twice a month to twice a week. Through the course of these meetings you will be guided along the path to start building a business. You will learn all the most important aspects of business and how to manage your business toward the success you deserve. After each meeting the person being mentored will be given tasks to complete prior to the next meeting. During the TQM Mentoring Program, you will be guided through fundamental business concepts such as process creation and development, finance, marketing and branding, sales, customer service, time management, and business planning and growth planning; just to name a few.

Each of these fundamentals contains a lot of work, and without them you are probably struggling to stay open, or struggling to keep up. However, once you have mastered the fundamental concepts, your business will start to grow. It will begin to feel more like a business, and less like a job. Then you will begin to see the previously unknowable tasks that every business owner must master to truly be successful.

Don’t worry, we called this the TQM Business Process for a reason. When you reach this point in your business you will be ready to transition from the TQM Mentoring Program, to the TQM Business Development Program. Or, from phase 1 to phase 2 of the TQM Business Process.


The TQM Business Development Program

The TQM Business Development Program is where we really start to work. This is when you would assign tasks to your trusted managers. This is when we will start to define the how of your business.

How do I sell?

How do I market?

How do I grow?

How do I keep quality people?

How do I promote?

How do I pay my staff?

What you need to ask is, how do I make this business function at every level? Additionally, for small businesses the real question is, how long would the business continue to operate if I was on a deserted island for _____ years?

During the TQM Business Development Program, we will help you to solve all of these puzzles. The tasks and assignments you and your team complete, will lead you down paths you may not have even known existed. As your business becomes more automatic, it will become more functional. Costs will generally be controlled, if not decreased or eliminated completely. Your Sales system and your sales process will be intuitive and trainable. With your sales dialed in you will see happier and more productive sales people. With the development of a sales system, you gain the ability to market effectively, and with the development of your sales process your sales team will close more of their opportunities. As the sales increase, you will have the capital necessary to grow.

Fortunately, The TQM Business Process accounts for this in Phase 2. During the TQM Business Development Program, you will also develop a realistic business plan that will guide you through all of those expected growing pains.

Once we have completed all of the tasks associated with phase 2 it will be time to transition to phase 3 of the TQM Business Process, The TQM Advisor Program.

The TQM Advisor Program

Up until this point of the process you have been able to turn to TQM for advice almost on demand. As with all formal training there must come a day when you are ready to handle your business for almost every day to day situation. It is time for us to leave your nest. With the TQM Advisor Program, you maintain a direct line to a TQM client specialist. If you ever need advice, or an emotionally unattached opinion we are here for your needs. Quarterly meetings are conducted with you and your chosen council. Issues are discussed and courses are agreed upon. Some of those issues could be process editing or creation, HR issues, business assessment in the event of slow-down or stagnation, or simple celebrations of your success. The TQM Advisor Program also gives you the ability to use our proprietary resources at discounted VIP rates. Due to your growth you have opened a new office and you need the team trained. With your Advisor program VIP status, you would receive that training and any other TQM product at a considerable cost savings.

By practicing the TQM process, you will learn that being in business can be very rewarding, and yesterday’s problems are today’s puzzles, and tomorrow’s income solution! Here at TQM we strive to make every client a long-term relationship partner. Our programs were created to help you succeed, and we would like to be a permanent witness to your successes!