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Client Testimonials

I was referred to TQM through a friend who basically thought they could walk on water. Being a skeptic by nature, I immediately thought someone should take away his Kool-Aid. I agreed to the first meeting knowing it would be a waste of time, but since the meeting was free, maybe I would hear something I had forgotten that I could implement in my business. That is really how I thought back then. The truth is, my business was struggling, and I was the problem. The first meeting was over an hour and a half long. During the meeting I was made aware of some of the things I could improve in my business. To be honest, it made me angry that this person could help me see glaring flaws in my business in just 90 minutes. It made me angrier that he was right. In less than two hours this “Business Specialist” was proactively addressing the things that were causing me to fail. I was hurt, I was angry, I felt stupid, and I was just sane enough to sign the agreement and work with TQM.

I begrudgingly learned that emotions and business don’t mix. I learned that I get in the way, and there is no place in business for ego. I learned to separate myself from the emotional attachments that I had for all business decisions. I learned how to forecast using facts, not feelings. I learned everything I was doing was absolutely wrong, and then I learned to change. With that change came business growth. TQM patiently taught me how to ask questions. Somehow, they made me stop making assumptions. I started to see, for the first time, how to find the puzzle and solve it. They made every effort to help me figure out the best way to get more ‘bang for my buck’ and they gave much more value than I could ever pay for. 

When I began I thought I only needed a little help with marketing and sales.  Through Will, the TQM Business Specialist I worked with, I learned where my business process had holes and how to correct them. We developed a comprehensive business plan as well as marketing plan.  Then we developed a sales process.  TQM made business make sense.  I was so impressed that when I started a second business, different from the first one, I immediately called TQM to work with me from its creation until now.  I can’t thank TQM enough for what they did for me and for my business. I’m pretty sure they do actually walk on water, and I happily recommend the Kool Aid!

David Rhoades

Overflow Technical Services

I had reached a point in the growth of my small IT business where I felt stagnant:  I thought I knew what the next level of my business should look like, but I didn’t know the steps to take to get there.

I started looking for help, and after about a year of searching I was introduced to Will at The Quarter Method (TQM).  Will started by asking fundamental questions about my business – questions for which I have to admit, I did NOT know the answers!

It quickly became apparent that I, despite reading many books on business development and racking up years of business experience, really had no clue what I was doing.  If I was to become an expert on growing and running a business, I needed help.  So, I decided to give TQM a try…

The program was very challenging right from the beginning.  As a President/CEO, I was forced to confront the possibility that what I was doing in my business was just plain WRONG.  I was also tasked with figuring out ways to improve. (The TQM process guides you to all the answers, but they won’t give them to you. Will said the process doesn’t work if they tell you what to do. You need to reach the proper conclusions to be successful. Don’t worry, when you’re on the wrong path your TQM Specialist will help you see why it’s the wrong path. Then they will aim you in the right direction.)

One of the hardest parts of the initial Mentoring program was learning to let go of the “technician’s mindset” (an old way of thinking about working in my business that was holding me back) and other bad habits that I had clung on to for years. I had to learn and accept that being a skilled technician, and being a skilled business person do not equate. I needed to learn how to build and run a business!

Building our Sales Process from scratch was extremely tough because I had no real experience doing professional sales. (and, as it turned out, I didn’t have any semblance of a sales process already in place. I can’t tell you how many times I was told “If you are only selling custom solutions, you are not running a business. You are just working for yourself!”) Now My sales come with both a process and a system. More importantly, my sales are trainable and repeatable. No more custom solutions for me!

My advice to anyone who’s thinking about signing up with TQM – are you sure you’re ready?  In fact, this is one of the first questions that Will asks during the initial meeting, and for good reason; it is a LOT of work. In my case, I was willing to put in significant work and investment, and after only a few months I saw massive improvements and positive ROI.  (Another term you will gain intimacy with, ROI) Now, we have better clients, more clients, highly-skilled tech subcontractors, and year-to-year revenue that is up more than 50%. Most importantly, I feel much more confident about the future of my business, thanks to TQM!

Kevin S.

Silverleaf Computers

I wanted to start my own business offering paralegal services but I did not know where to start. With over 25 years of paralegal experience I knew that I could be more successful by setting up my own business, but I didn’t know anything about running a business. I needed guidance and mentoring on the what and how questions that crossed my mind.

I found TQM Business Services on the web and gave them a call. (The first meeting was completely free. We met for two hours and we discussed everything I was considering in my head. During that first meeting, the TQM Specialist explained everything and formulated a basic path for me to succeed. Did I mention that this first meeting was FREE?!? If I wanted to I could have left with my new battle plan. Obviously, I decided to work with TQM to create and develop my business.)

Not only did TQM help me learn the business skillset, but they guided me every step of the way. When I would become frustrated or emotional my TQM Specialist would simply smile and patiently explain what I was missing. Through the TQM process we found the perfect brand for my business, we created a sales process and a marketing process, and all the infrastructure my business needed to grow.

I still wake up every morning amazed at how easy it is to own a business after you create, and develop all the right systems and processes. The TQM Business Process is genius, and calling TQM was probably the best business decision I’ve ever made.

Thank you so much TQM!

Laura W.


The Quarter Method is Incredible, Visionary, and Enlightening. It is the paradigm shift the sales universe has been waiting for; but don’t just take our word for it.

When I first heard about The Quarter Method, I was extremely skeptical. I have been in business for over 30 years, and I have attended numerous “Sales Training” courses. Very few of those courses were worth the time and money spent. 

Imagine my surprise the first time I experienced The Quarter Method. The information taught wasn’t someones retreaded version of Ziglar, it was a completely different path. The Quarter Method teaches you the how and why of sales, not just the what.

The description says they use Psychology and Communication to teach effective sales and they are not kidding. I learned so much in that first seminar, and I had so much fun. The information transfer is intense, the program teaches you how to control and influence your clients, (in a good way) and you will learn why this system works on humans.

After the first seminar, I had an initial increase in business and sales of 37%. That number started to drop over the next 6-8 weeks. I called the company, and they explained that with all human learning I would need to review the information several times before a majority of the program would be ingrained into long term memory. I also noticed that I had started to fall back into my old bad habits.

I can honestly say that after seeing the program three times I have been steady at a 26% increase in business and sales; and in my business, a 26% increase is life changing. I am now taking some of the other programs offered by TQM, and I am very excited about the future of my company. If you have the opportunity to experience The Quarter Method, Take It! It was worth so much more than it cost.

Len Unkeless
Simple Com
(661) 263-0355

Today I was fortunate enough to attend The Quarter Method. I found that this program not only changed my perspective on successful sales techniques, but it also improved my perspective on how I view myself and my product. The Quarter Method also taught me to affect how others perceive me and my product. I believe that with the skills I have learned from this program I will be much more successful professional salesperson, and a more motivated and confident individual.

I would recommend this course to anyone who has ever wanted to be anything more, or do anything more for themselves or others. The Quarter Method is truly brilliant and I am looking forward to attending again.”

Chris Well-Anders
Health and Fitness

The Quarter Method program was an incredibly entertaining with an educational delivery of extremely relevant information that is definitely going to help me to confidently close more sales with more profit.

Michael D
Webdesign and IT Services

I just wanted to pass along my personal thanks to you and your team for all your help in implementing The Quarter Method “Mastering Sales and Marketing” program for our franchisees.

Since the implementation of TQM, our sales have increased by 30 percent!

Additionally, I’m sure you’ll remember that referral business and local business development was our greatest weak point. But thanks to TQM, lead generation due to business development and marketing at the franchisee level has increased exponentially.

Our return on investment was realized after the second month of TQM’s implementation.

All in all, we have been blown away by these results.

We plan on sending additional staff to the next training seminar. I hope you’re ready!

Thank you again for all of your hard work. I wish you and your team all the best.

Jonathan Grubb
Vice President of Operations
National Remediation Franchise Company