The Quarter Method Sales Training System Core Programs

The core of The Quarter Method (TQM) Sales Training System has always been these first three programs. They were purposefully designed to teach the three most important aspects necessary to become a successful sales professional.
1. Human Psychology and Sales Training
2. Human Communications and Sales Training
3. Closing Linguistics and Sales Training


The Psychology of Sales

In The Psychology of Sales, you learn how people think, and how to influence their decisions.

This program is the core of all TQM sales training. You will learn to ask, and answer the most important question…Why?

Mastering the information in The Psychology of Sales will give you an edge; and, if applied properly, it will help you increase total sales and profit margins.


Communication in High Definition

In Communicating in High Definition, you learn how to communicate effectively, and how to gain client trust.

This program teaches human communications, and why communication is a skill. You will learn to think and speak in high definition; and, more importantly, you will learn how to clarify communications between you and your clients.

Mastering the information in Communicating in High Definition will give you the ability to deliver and receive information more clearly; and, if applied properly, it will improve all of your relationships.


Closing Linguistics

In Closing Linguistics, you learn the language and artistry behind closing; and how to use the eight basic closes.

This program teaches the fundamentals of closing, how to keep your clients in the sale, and teaches why bad sales people fail.

Mastering the information in Closing Linguistics will allow you to become a sales professional, and if applied properly, and consistently, you will become a perennial sales all-star.

More TQM Training Programs

In addition to the core programs, we have also created programs for every aspect of sales training, Sales Management, Business Development, Marketing, Branding and Advertising, Social Media and Public Relations, and Business Management. TQM Programs are essential for business success, and these programs cover sales and business education better than any college program. College classes teach theory, TQM teaches reality!



In Compartmentalizing, you learn how to manage your time, and how to be more relaxed and more productive at the same time.

This program was created to teach people to respect their most valuable asset…Time. You will learn to recognize the time holes in your daily life, and eliminate wasted time.

Mastering the information in Compartmentalizing will give you more time to accomplish all of your daily tasks, and allow you to become time efficient.


Pipeline 101

In Pipeline 101 sales training program, you learn everything about developing your pipeline. Where to start, how to prospect, how to qualify leads, how to honestly filter your clients, and when to expect a lead to be closed.

This program was created to teach one of the most important daily tasks associated to sales. Every company with an outside sales team expects prospecting and pipeline development, but almost none of them teach these fundamentals effectively.

Mastering the information in Pipeline 101 will give you the ability to create a pipeline, and accurately forecast closing the clients in your pipeline.


Creating an Elevator Pitch

In Creating an Elevator Pitch, you learn the how and why of creating an elevator pitch.

This program teaches the reason behind the words. Your elevator pitch should be deliberate and practiced; it should never be delivered off of the top of your head. Every word has a purpose, and the purpose is to create opportunity.

Mastering the information in Creating an Elevator Pitch will give you a professional and concise 30 second pitch; and, if applied properly, it will help you increase the quantity and quality of leads and appointments.


Client Management

In Client Management, you learn the how and why of managing clients, and the most effective tools for controlling all types of client personalities.

This program was designed to help service driven companies control the most demanding clients, while maintaining your current and future pipeline. 

Mastering the information in Client Management will allow you to maintain relationships with all of your current clients; and, create systems and processes to develop new clients.


Trial Closing and the Easy Deal

In  Trial Closing and the Easy Deal, you learn how to influence the close at all stages of the sale. More importantly, you will learn how to create a relationship of trust with your clients.

This program teaches the subtlety of closing throughout the entire sale. You will learn to ask, and get answers for, critical  questions. This process takes the pressure out of sales, and the guess work out of closing.

Mastering the information in Trial Closing and the Easy Deal will increase both your profit per deal, and your closing percentages; and, if applied properly, it will make closing effortless.


Sales Management

In Sales Management training, you learn how to manipulate your sales force, and psychological techniques to increase all aspects of sales.

This is an advanced TQM training program. You should have already attended “The Quarter Method” core training at a minimum prior to this course.

In this training program you wil learn how to think like a manager, how to act like a manager, and how to perceive the world like a manager.

Mastering the information in Sales Management will make you a legendary sales manager; and, if applied properly, it will help you to motivate your sales team and elevate your sales division.



In Branding, you learn the importance of Branding, and how to influence buyers decisions through psychology.

This program teaches the most intrinsic aspect of a successful business…brand recognition. You will also learn the value of good ethics and the cost of bad ethics.

Mastering the information in Branding will change your perspective on business, and it will allow you to truthfully evaluate all of your business decisions against your brand reputation.


Leadership, Management & Followership

In Leadership, Management and Followership training, you learn about the three aspects of every individual, and how those aspects should be applied to the corporate mission.

This program teaches you the expectations and responsibilities of the three positions, and why the relationship is symbiotic in a healthy company.

Mastering the information in Leadership, Management and Followership will teach you how to keep your company goal driven; and, if applied properly, it will help you increase morale and productivity.


Check Back for New Programs!

At TQM we are constantly adding new programs to our course catalog. If you have any programs you would like to see, go to the contact us page and make a request.

We teach it all. Want to learn something we aren’t offering? Let us know and we’ll design the program and add it to the list.