End of 2014 Perspective

As we near the end of another trip around the Sun, I find that it is once again time to reflect on life; both personal and professional.

This is the time of year to affirm the lessons you were taught in 2014. Time to honestly look at your business and social networks, and trim the proverbial fat, and/or acknowledge the people you cherish.

We all learned lessons. Some of those lessons were an epiphany, while other lessons were figurative back alley beatings. What is important to remember at this point of the year is that you survived. You may be a little wiser, and a little grayer, and a little beat up, but your still here. Be thankful for that at least.

Every year on Earth 50 million new companies are launched. That’s about 137,000 new companies per day. Conveniently enough, new companies launched per year and companies going out of business per year are generally close to being even. That’s about 130,000 going out of business everyday on Earth. Bearing that in mind I say again, you may be a little beat up, but your still here. Be thankful.

The important question is, why do so many businesses fail? There are several reasons for this.

  • The owner had a great idea, and not the right experience.

  • The owner didn’t know how to raise capital to maintain the launch

  • The owner is a great technician, but not a great owner

  • No Plan

  • Bad Plan

  • No Sales Strategy

  • No Niche

  • Bad Marketing

This list may have a thousand variables, but they all lead to the same ten basic reasons. If you are struggling, and you don’t fit into one of these 10 reasons, call us at TQM. You are an enigma.

If you’re a duck on a pond (calm on the surface, but paddling like crazy to stay afloat beneath the surface) you are not alone. There were approximately 137,000 other people just like you at the beginning of the year.

If you want to beat the odds and actually grow a successful business, TQM is offering an initial consultation end of the year special for all prospective clients.

The end of the year special is $99.00 for TQM to initially meet with you to discuss your company, and what you’re doing currently.

We will show you the path to follow, and tell you what you need to do. No Strings! If you need TQM to walk the path with you, then we will present a proposal, and make decisions from there. Together, we will make you succeed!

Just don’t give up! Never give up! If it’s broke, fix it! If you don’t know how, find someone who does! Call me, call anyone, just act. Sinking ships don’t need help to sink; only to sink faster, or be repaired.

Roy Wilhite

Founder/ President/ CEO

TQM Inc.