Time For A Change!

In 1975 Zig Ziglar finally got “See You at the Top” published. In 1982 he released “Secrets of Closing the Sale”. Since then, there had been no significant changes to the sales industry; until The Quarter Method was introduced in 2013! To put that in Perspective, In 1982 a cell phone looked like this cutting edge Motorola car phone.


The cutting edge production car was a Pontiac Trans Am. Think Knight Rider’s KITT (Knight Industries Two Thousand) Why do I know that!?!


and let us not forget the most advanced computer of the day, the Commodore 64.


Just think…what if the rest of the world stayed as antiquated and unwilling to change as the sales world.

The Quarter Method was created to address the psychological growth that the rest of the civilized world has achieved. Today’s buyers are more informed, and less impressionable. They already know the price, and the availability, and telling them they will lose this amazing offer if they leave is stupid! To be successful in todays complex sales environment you need to understand the client’s psychology, and be able to effectively communicate with your clients.

The Quarter Method is the Paradigm Shift that the sales world has been waiting for, and being one of the first to learn this system is essential to be competitive in today’s market.

The only person we can’t fix looks and acts like this…


For everyone else…