What’s Your Focus?

It is now the beginning of another new year. It’s 2015! Each year we celebrate the end of the year and focus all of our hopes, dreams and aspirations toward a better new year. However, the etherial concepts of Hopes, Dreams, and Aspirations will NEVER create success! To be successful, you must work. You must work harder, or smarter than your competition. You must be cunning, and innovative, and ingenious. You must be better than you were in the last year. Better than 2014!

I personally don’t believe in resolutions. But, just this once, I have decided to resolve myself to making one simple, and yet monumental change to the way I approach everything. I have decided to focus on creating FUN!

Let’s be honest. 2014 was rough. Success was hard to come by and even harder to gauge. There were alot of negatives, and even more stresses. I didn’t have to try to find or create hardship; it was abundant, and needy. Last year felt like I was being “loved” by Lenny from Steinbeck’s “Of Mice and Men”, and I was the problem. I allowed myself to focus on the negatives, and all of the stress. Lesson learned!

This year I am changing my focus. I realized that stress and negatives are a commodity. (The two definitions of commodity that we are focusing on for this reference are: 1: Something that is bought or sold, and 2: A mass-produced, unspecialized product.)

Let’s face it, we buy and sell stress and negatives everyday. I focused on reacting to all of last years BS all year. I forgot that FUN is something I have to create; it rarely just happens.

I am going to find and create fun in every aspect of my life! I truly enjoy my work. I have fun overcoming problems, and finding unique solutions to complex problems. But I have to remember to MAKE it fun! I have to radiate this energy of creative fun to everyone. Then WE have to go make the etherial dreams become concrete realities.

I challenge you to try to create fun every hour of every day for the entire year. If we succeed, we may be not only excited at the end of 2015, but we may also mourn its passing!

Here’s to creating fun and success!