Time Is Your Most Valuable Resource!


It is the thing you waste or squander every day. I work with a lot of small businesses that struggle every day to make money. The number 1 problem for every one of my one man company clients is time management.

As an example, I have a client who is required to go to the clients location for almost every aspect of his business. The other day he tells me he is seeing a client in Ventura County, CA., and if he has time he is seeing another client in Santa Monica, CA. In California traffic, he’s looking at about an hour to the first client; and, depending on the time of day, another 1.5 to 2 hours to the second client. Then, depending on the time of day, another 1-2 hours home to his office. He then tells me that the first client is a simple 30 min service call, and the second is a network problem he could handle remotely in about 15-20 minutes.

I asked him what his time was worth, and he told me his hourly fee. Not the same thing. So I explained to him that if he hired someone for $15 per hour, and bought an affordable car for the tech to use for travel; he could send the tech to the simple jobs and he could pocket the profit.

He agreed that this was a brilliant plan, but that he had reservations about trusting other people with his clients.

With that mentality, he will work until he dies, and he will have nothing for retirement.

So, once again, how valuable is your time?

What’s Your Focus?

It is now the beginning of another new year. It’s 2015! Each year we celebrate the end of the year and focus all of our hopes, dreams and aspirations toward a better new year. However, the etherial concepts of Hopes, Dreams, and Aspirations will NEVER create success! To be successful, you must work. You must work harder, or smarter than your competition. You must be cunning, and innovative, and ingenious. You must be better than you were in the last year. Better than 2014!

I personally don’t believe in resolutions. But, just this once, I have decided to resolve myself to making one simple, and yet monumental change to the way I approach everything. I have decided to focus on creating FUN!

Let’s be honest. 2014 was rough. Success was hard to come by and even harder to gauge. There were alot of negatives, and even more stresses. I didn’t have to try to find or create hardship; it was abundant, and needy. Last year felt like I was being “loved” by Lenny from Steinbeck’s “Of Mice and Men”, and I was the problem. I allowed myself to focus on the negatives, and all of the stress. Lesson learned!

This year I am changing my focus. I realized that stress and negatives are a commodity. (The two definitions of commodity that we are focusing on for this reference are: 1: Something that is bought or sold, and 2: A mass-produced, unspecialized product.)

Let’s face it, we buy and sell stress and negatives everyday. I focused on reacting to all of last years BS all year. I forgot that FUN is something I have to create; it rarely just happens.

I am going to find and create fun in every aspect of my life! I truly enjoy my work. I have fun overcoming problems, and finding unique solutions to complex problems. But I have to remember to MAKE it fun! I have to radiate this energy of creative fun to everyone. Then WE have to go make the etherial dreams become concrete realities.

I challenge you to try to create fun every hour of every day for the entire year. If we succeed, we may be not only excited at the end of 2015, but we may also mourn its passing!

Here’s to creating fun and success!

End of 2014 Perspective

As we near the end of another trip around the Sun, I find that it is once again time to reflect on life; both personal and professional.

This is the time of year to affirm the lessons you were taught in 2014. Time to honestly look at your business and social networks, and trim the proverbial fat, and/or acknowledge the people you cherish.

We all learned lessons. Some of those lessons were an epiphany, while other lessons were figurative back alley beatings. What is important to remember at this point of the year is that you survived. You may be a little wiser, and a little grayer, and a little beat up, but your still here. Be thankful for that at least.

Every year on Earth 50 million new companies are launched. That’s about 137,000 new companies per day. Conveniently enough, new companies launched per year and companies going out of business per year are generally close to being even. That’s about 130,000 going out of business everyday on Earth. Bearing that in mind I say again, you may be a little beat up, but your still here. Be thankful.

The important question is, why do so many businesses fail? There are several reasons for this.

  • The owner had a great idea, and not the right experience.

  • The owner didn’t know how to raise capital to maintain the launch

  • The owner is a great technician, but not a great owner

  • No Plan

  • Bad Plan

  • No Sales Strategy

  • No Niche

  • Bad Marketing

This list may have a thousand variables, but they all lead to the same ten basic reasons. If you are struggling, and you don’t fit into one of these 10 reasons, call us at TQM. You are an enigma.

If you’re a duck on a pond (calm on the surface, but paddling like crazy to stay afloat beneath the surface) you are not alone. There were approximately 137,000 other people just like you at the beginning of the year.

If you want to beat the odds and actually grow a successful business, TQM is offering an initial consultation end of the year special for all prospective clients.

The end of the year special is $99.00 for TQM to initially meet with you to discuss your company, and what you’re doing currently.

We will show you the path to follow, and tell you what you need to do. No Strings! If you need TQM to walk the path with you, then we will present a proposal, and make decisions from there. Together, we will make you succeed!

Just don’t give up! Never give up! If it’s broke, fix it! If you don’t know how, find someone who does! Call me, call anyone, just act. Sinking ships don’t need help to sink; only to sink faster, or be repaired.

Roy Wilhite

Founder/ President/ CEO

TQM Inc.

Time For A Change!

In 1975 Zig Ziglar finally got “See You at the Top” published. In 1982 he released “Secrets of Closing the Sale”. Since then, there had been no significant changes to the sales industry; until The Quarter Method was introduced in 2013! To put that in Perspective, In 1982 a cell phone looked like this cutting edge Motorola car phone.


The cutting edge production car was a Pontiac Trans Am. Think Knight Rider’s KITT (Knight Industries Two Thousand) Why do I know that!?!


and let us not forget the most advanced computer of the day, the Commodore 64.


Just think…what if the rest of the world stayed as antiquated and unwilling to change as the sales world.

The Quarter Method was created to address the psychological growth that the rest of the civilized world has achieved. Today’s buyers are more informed, and less impressionable. They already know the price, and the availability, and telling them they will lose this amazing offer if they leave is stupid! To be successful in todays complex sales environment you need to understand the client’s psychology, and be able to effectively communicate with your clients.

The Quarter Method is the Paradigm Shift that the sales world has been waiting for, and being one of the first to learn this system is essential to be competitive in today’s market.

The only person we can’t fix looks and acts like this…


For everyone else…


That is NOT how you do that!

That is NOT how you do that!

The most common objection we get at TQM when we are marketing is…

“We have an internal training program.”

Of course you do! However, is your entire staff closing 70% or above? In our experience most companies are actually closing below 30%. The funny thing is, the ones who immediately object to learning more about The Quarter Method are the ones with the lowest percentages.

Don’t let your EGO write your paycheck. Your training program is simply different. We approach sales training from an educational standpoint. Sales is at some level a numbers game. We simply teach you how to affect the numbers. In the end, it isn’t your system v. TQM…It’s whatever is needed to succeed.

The New Labor Tax! AKA…Degree Required

There is a trend sweeping the nation right now that says only people with degrees are worth hiring. It’s as if college courses could make someone better at Sales, Customer Service, Middle management, Construction, Trade skills, or a number of various career positions.

This absent minded ideology began with companies like Enterprise rent a car, which requires everyone working for them to have a degree. Renting cars to people is a $10 an hour job; but apparently, to do that job at Enterprise, you need to drop 100k on a college degree.

I have been in sales and management and even ownership for most of my life. I am extremely experienced when it comes to every aspect of running a business, and making sales at any level. However, with all of my glorious experience, if I didn’t have a degree I wouldn’t even get called for an interview.

To prove this I created two types of resume; one with my degrees, and 3 years of experience, and one with no degree and 15+ years of experience. I tailored the experience resume to match the jobs for which I was submitting and I sent a canned resume for the degree resume. I only submitted the resumes to positions equivalent to my current career level, and obviously I changed the names, addresses and phone numbers, but that’s it. Do you want to guess the results?

100 positions applied for in 10 states.

Experience resume = 0 calls, 0 e-mails, 25 unsolicited college spam ads to my listed e-mail account.

Degree resume = 10 interested calls, 38 interested e-mails, numerous recruiter calls, 32 interviews scheduled

Keep in mind, the degree resume was not only canned, it was NOT qualified for the VP and C-level positions. The experience resume was expertly qualified for the VP and C-level positions, and it was specifically written to showcase my talents and accomplishments as pertaining to their needs.

How could this happen? There are numerous excuses.

  • The HR department is too lazy to do their job.

  • The hiring manager uses a scrubber program to whittle down the vast amount of applications and Degree is one of the key words.

  • Someone is under the impression that a person 3 years out of college would be better at leading a company or a division of a company than a person with 15+ years of progressive success in business.

  • Whoever created the position thinks college degree programs are magic and the people who have them are special.

  • (Fill in however many excuses you need to justify this broken process)

I am not anti-college. I am anti-stupid! There are many professional fields for which I personally would never do business with someone who didn’t have a degree. For example: Any doctor (MD or PhD), Any Lawyer, All engineers, some higher learning educators, Architects, and CPAs are a few. These professions go to school to learn how to do their job. That’s the distinction! There are no college courses for sales. NONE!

There is no college course for Retail managers, or Sales managers, or Customer Service managers, or any Customer Service position. There is no Finance class to teach sales numbers and how to structure a deal. There is no math class that teaches specialized sales math. There is no college course to teach you how to be successful, or how to run a business, or even how to start a business.

If you are thinking, “I remember taking Applied Economics and Business 101”. I will concede that those theoretical courses do exist, and with the right teacher they might even be valuable. But the structure for the American college system is memorization and brain dump.

How many of you remember not just that you took business 101, but what you may have learned? The number is remarkably low and it is reserved for savants, and super geniuses. The reason for this is Physiological. The Human brain learns by association. If you can’t associate new information to previously gained knowledge and experience, you will not remember the new information long-term. Hence the memorization and brain dump method.

College degrees are pay to play. You buy the degree. The only exceptions are the professional degrees that require a comprehensive knowledge test to be accepted into the post graduate degree program. (LSAT, MCAT) It is so important for these professionals to remember their coursework that they have to pass excruciatingly difficult tests to be accepted into their chosen field. (The difference between having a JD and legally practicing law is the Bar Exam)

All degreed professionals must pass a mandated certification to gain license. If there is not a mandated certification program at the end of your educational path, you are buying your degree for political reasons, not professional ones.

The National average cost for a Bachelor’s Degree is $25,588.00 per year. If you could graduate in four years, the cost would be over $100,000.00 to attain the degree. The job at Enterprise will pay between $10-$15 DPH and you will make between $1600.00-$1800.00 per month at full time. Let’s say, with the cost of living being affordable, you can pay $200.00 DPM toward your college loans. Without interest it will take you 500 payments to pay off that loan. Just so you know; 500 months is equivalent to 41.6 years. If you graduated in your mid twenties, you will finally pay off your student loans in time for your grand children to start paying for theirs.

Based on this simple math, if I am looking for someone to help my company with anything financial, I am more inclined to hire the person who understood the concept of useless debt, and bad investing. That’s the person that went straight to work and gained the knowledge to run my business with the wisdom granted through experience.

You can keep the ones that spent $100,000.00 on a Liberal Arts Degree. I don’t think they understand how money works!